Buon appetito! (Good appetite!) Traditional, light and airy pull-apart dinner rolls topped with sweet cream buttermilk, crushed garlic and chopped parsley. Melts in your mouth! Campione Dinner Rolls are a perfect compliment to any meal! Each box of Dinner Rolls contains six 1.33 oz rolls packed in a convenient resealable inner poly bag. Heat and serve in 6 minutes. NEW are Parmesan Garlic Dinners

Fast and Convenient • “Like Homemade”
Currently Available in Garlic • Coming Soon: Whole Wheat and Cheese


Retailer Information

UPC# Product Case Size Case Weight Cube Pallet Tier Pallet Cases Pallet Weight Package Size
12/8 oz. Garlic Dinner Rolls 19.04″x9.14″x9.06″ 8.69 lbs. 1.03 10 x8 80 695 lbs. 6.13″x2.25″x9.5″
12/8oz.ParmesanDinner Rolls 19.04″ x 9.14″ x9.06″ 8.69 lbs. 1.03 10×8 80 695 lbs. 6.13″x2.25″x9.5″
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Order Ship: Joseph Campione Incorporated
2201 West Southbranch Blvd., Oak Creek, WI 53154
Minimum Shipment: 6 Pallets (Full Pallet Quantities)
Pick Up: Available upon request.