This delicious treat can be a meal in itself! Our pizza toast starts with a lightly flavored Texas Toast base topped with savory pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese, and pizza toppings. Kids and adults alike will keep coming back for more! Each box contains eight slices packed in a convenient resealable inner poly bag. Bakes in the oven in minutes.


Retailer Information

UPC# Product Case Size Case Weight Cube Pallet Tier Pallet Cases Pallet Weight Package Size
76845-25018 Pizza Toast Cheese
6 slices
18.95″x15.58″x7.91″ 11.20 lbs. 1.35 6 x11 66 0 lbs. 9.25″x5″x3.25″
76845-25017 Pizza Toast Pepperoni 6 slices 18.95″x15.58″x7.91″ 11.13 lbs. 1.35 6×11 66 0 lbs. 9.25″x5″x3.25″
76745-25019 Pizza ToastDeluxe 6 slices 18.95″15.58″7.91″ 11.13 lbs. 1.35 6×11 66 0 lbs. 9.25″x5″3.25″
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Minimum Shipment: 6 Pallets (Full Pallet Quantities)
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